Salamanca Guide is here to give you the best travel advice on Salamanca, Spain.  We have visited the attractions, restaurants, bars, clubs and more first hand to offer you honest and accurate advice.   Whether you are coming on a short trip to Salamanca or even if you are planning to move here to live, use our guide to discover more about this fantastic city.

Salamanca Cathedral

Things to do

It's possible to see all of Salamanca's main attractions within a weekend, but with plenty of day trips and changing exhibitions at modern art gallery DA2 you can always find something to do if you are staying here longer.

platter of tostas


Salamanca has a large variety of restaurants from traditional Spanish meals and tapas, to international options like fantastic Chinese food at mouth-watering burgers. You won't go hungry in Salamanca and thanks to a large student population most places are very affordable.

nightlife in salamanca


With over 30,000 students in Salamanca there is a fantastic nightlife scene. With plenty of relaxed pubs for mid-week drinks, the nightlife scene gets busier from Thursday to Saturday. With free entry pretty much everywhere, you can head out with less than 10€ and have a fantastic night.

Spanish language books

Learn Spanish

They say Salamanca has the most neutral accent in all of Spain which makes it the perfect place to learn Spanish. You can study at the University of Salamanca or at one of the plenty of private language schools offering language courses with fun evening and weekend activities. Most schools have no fixed schedule so you can join for a week during your holidays or study longer to really improve.


There are numerous hotel options, from cheap hotels and hostels to luxury hotels. Our guide tells you the best places to stay and even advice on finding your own apartment if you want to live here.

transport to salamanca


Salamanca is well connected by bus and train. Easy to travel to from Madrid and to visit nearby cities.

About Salamanca

Historically Salamanca was one of the most important cities in Spain.  This was thanks to its university which is the oldest in Spain and one of the first universities around the world.  Now, more than just a nice place to visit, Salamanca is certainly one of the best places to visit in Spain. We’ve lived here for nearly a year and it is probably one of the best places in Spain to live and work too.  Salamanca has a Spanish town feel whilst having the benefits of small city living.  Unlike the large metropolitan cities of Madrid or Barcelona, in Salamanca you can walk everywhere.  Allowing you to both save money on public transport and get fit at the same time.

Salamanca is one of the best cities in Spain to visit thanks to all the beautiful places and sights it has.  Places of interest include the Plaza Mayor, Salamanca’s Cathedral to spot the astronaut or the House of Shells.  Be sure to add Salamanca to your list of cities in Spain to visit this year.  You won’t be disappointed.  It is easy to visit all of the main attractions in a weekend, making Salamanca the perfect short trip from Madrid.  If you’d like to come for longer then base yourself in Salamanca and visit the nearby cities.  There are plenty of amazing day trips from Salamanca.  Visit Zamora to see its many churches, grand castle and cathedral.  Go to Avila to see its historic wall.  Check the dates and go to Ciudad Rodrigo to take part, or just watch, their famous bull run.

Whilst it may not be the hottest place in Spain, the weather in Salamanca in the summer is perfect.  Hang out with friends and play games at the green spaces near the Roman Bridge or enjoy a beer outside any of Salamanca’s many bars.  If you’re coming in winter there is bad news however.  Due to Salamanca’s high altitude of around 800 meters, it does get cold.  With slightly below freezing temperatures in winter be sure to pack warm clothes.  

Salamanca has plenty of culture, things to do, amazing nightlife and plenty of restaurants.  On Salamanca Guide we’ve been first hand to see, eat, drink and party so you can trust our opinions.  We haven’t visited for a day but actually lived and worked in the city!  Whilst we’ve had some bad experiences, we are here to be positive and help you have a great holiday or time in Salamanca.

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