Salamanca is easily accessible from Madrid for a short weekend trip.  Salamanca is perfect to walk around, but also has a good network of local buses and affordable taxis.

This page has details on:

  • Travel to, from and around Salamanca city by bus, trains and taxi.
  • Salamanca and Valladolid Airport.

Transport Around Salamanca

Generally you won’t need to take public transport in Salamanca as you can walk everywhere.  There is a local bus service which runs multiple routes across the city.

Radio Taxi Salamanca

Taking a taxi is generally quite cheap and it’s a convenient way to travel to and from the bus or train station if you have a lot of luggage.

Madrid to Salamanca buses and trains

There are a few options of transport from Madrid to Salamanca.  The quickest way would be by car.  You can rent a car in Madrid Barajas International Airport or even book a journey through the popular ride sharing app BlaBlaCar (Spanish needed).

However, the easiest way for most people is to travel either by bus or train

Madrid to Salamanca Bus/Coach

Check out the Avanza Bus website (English and Spanish) to check the times and book buses from around Spain to Salamanca.  There are frequent buses to and from Madrid city and Madrid Barajas International Airport. Avanza Bus offers both a normal and an express service, with comfortable seats and interactive displays with popular films, TV shows, music and more.

Tickets are around €30-€45 (depending on service).  Avanza Bus tickets do not seem to change in price if you book in advance or later.  It is cheaper to book at the bus station directly, as the website includes a booking fee.  It is however easier to book online.  You will need to show a copy of your ticket (digital copies of the PDF are okay) and you may need to show your passport/the ID card you booked your ticket with.

Salamanca Bus Station

Salamanca’s Bus Terminal can be found on the east side of the city.  It is about a 15 minute walk (1km).  Taxis are usually waiting outside should you prefer not to walk.  A taxi to the to your hotel or accommodation should cost around 5 to 10 euros to the centre.  It may not be possible to drive directly outside your hotel, depending on where you are staying.

Madrid to Salamanca Train

If you are already in the city or will be connecting through, a high speed or regular train may be quicker than going by bus.  Tickets booked in advance can be very affordable and even cheaper than bus tickets, however usually it is more expensive.  You can find the Madrid to Salamanca train timetable and book tickets on the Renfe Spanish trains website.

The train from Madrid to Salamanca starts in Madrid’s main rail terminal.  Therefore it is better to go by bus if you are coming to Salamanca directly from the airport in Madrid.  There is no direct train from Madrid Airport to Salamanca.

You can take the return Salamanca to Madrid train to easily visit Madrid or to connect onto other destinations.

Salamanca Train Station

Salamanca’s train station can be found in the north east side of the city.  It is about a 15 to 20 minute walk (2km) to Plaza Mayor in the centre of the city.  Taxis are easy to find outside the station if you have luggage or would prefer not to walk.

Bus Services to Cities Close to Salamanca

Direct buses to Vallodolid, Zamora, Béjar and Ávila allow for easy day trips from Salamanca.  Tickets to Zamora and Béjar can only be booked at the bus station, either at the counter within the terminal or if this is closed on the bus.

  • Check Zamora Salamanca Buses’ website for their current timetable.
  • Visit Mogacar’s website for the timetable between Salamanca and Béjar.
  • Go on Avanza Buses’ website to check the timetable and pre-book tickets to Vallodolid, Ávila  and other destinations across Spain.

Car Rental in Salamanca, Spain

If you’re arriving in Madrid you could rent a car here to make the journey to Salamanca easier.  Alternatively Europcar and other car hire companies are in Salamanca too should you not want to pay for car parking in Salamanca.

Whilst public transport is generally good in Spain, there are some destinations which will be impossible or incredibly difficult to visit without your own car.

Salamanca Airport

Whilst Salamanca does have an airport, it is reserved for flying privately or for the military.  It may be possible that some internal flights, such as those to the Canary Islands may become available but it is very unlikely.

For those wanting to fly, the nearest airport to Salamanca, Spain is Valladolid Airport.  Ryan Air offers a service from Valladolid to Barcelona with midweek flights for as low as 5 euros.  Valladolid Airport is only about 1 hour away from Salamanca by bus, train or car.

Flights to Madrid, Spain

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