University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca is one of the first universities in the world.  It was founded in 1134 and remains active and popular today.

Come here to try and find the Salamancan frog.  It’s small and hidden somewhere on the impressive outside facade. Students believe if they find the frog, without help, that’ll bring them good luck with their time studying in Salamanca University.  If you aren’t superstitious then there is usually a souvenir vender who has a poster marking the location.

Start on the column on the right of the door.  Go up to the first row and look at the skulls.  You’ll find the frog on the skull on the left.

Salamanca Frog

salamanca university frog

The University of Salamanca has around 30,000 students.  It is Spain’s top ranked university based on students coming from other regions.   It is a popular destination for Erasmus students, other international students and Spanish language courses which attract over 2,000 non-Spanish speakers a year.

Where is the University of Salamanca? – Map

Find the beautiful old buildings in the centre of the city.  Look for the the crowds looking up to find the famous frog.

After finding the frog then continue to walk around the centre to see the Shell House and the other popular things to do in Salamanca.