The Clerecia Towers

In our opinion the climb up the Salamanca towers are a must do for any able-bodied person’s visit to Salamanca.

The Clercia towers themselves are beautiful but they also offer the best photo opportunity of the even more stunning cathedrals of salamanca.

Start with the small museum on the first floor before climbing up to the two towers and up a bit more to see the bells.  Both towers are connected together so it is easy to walk between them.

It only costs a few euros to enter so there is no excuse to not visit.

The Salamanca Towers
clerecia towers

If you suffer from vertigo then this might not be the best idea.  It can get quite windy at the top so be sure to hold onto your hat!

If you have time climb up the Clerecia Towers for the great views of the Cathedrals and also climb up the Cathedral’s tower to get a closer view of the building’s beautiful architecture.  If you only have a little time then choose one – both have great views of the city.  Neither options will leave you disappointed.

The ticket to the towers does not allow you to visit the rest of the building.  The rest of the building can only be accessed on a Spanish language only guided tour.

Where are the Clerecia Towers? – Map

They’re opposite the Shell house.  Go inside and buy a ticket to see the fantastic views of the city and of the cathedrals complex.

There are plenty of other great things to do in Salamanca.  Where will you go next?