Shopping in Salamanca

There are a few different options for shopping in Salamanca.  The easiest is to walk along Calle Toro, a road leading out from Plaza Mayor.  Along Calle Toro you can find popular brand names like Pull & Bear, Zara, H&M along with numerous banks, pharmacys, a supermarket and more.

Shopping street

If the weather is bad or you would like a little more choice then slightly outside the city is El Tormes shopping centre.  You can walk here from Plaza Mayor, enjoying the river views, in under 30 minutes.  Alternatively take a bus or taxi to make life easier.  In  El Tormes you will also find Pull & Bear, Zara, H&M as well as a food court, supermarket, cinema and other shops.

If you are looking for souvenirs then walk around near the cathedrals.  There are plenty of souvenir shops here selling University of Salamanca sweatshirts and hoodies for around ten euros.  They will print your name on them for free too.

Supermarkets in Salamanca

There are plenty of supermarkets to choose from in Salamanca.  Popular options include Carrefour, Dia, Gadis and Mercadona.  Most supermarkets shut on Sundays, but look for a Carrefour Express and you can buy any essentials on Sunday too.

The prices in most supermarkets is very reasonable.  The Carrefour near Plaza Mayor is large inside, with a basement level too.  It will have all of your day to day essentials and some other options too.

Carrefour Supermarket

Budget Shopping – Chino Shops

If you move to Salamanca to live and need budget homewares try to visit any of the ‘bazar’ type Chinese run Chino shops.  These places stack the goods high with good prices.  You can find the majority of what you need here, including pots and pans, bedding and lots more.

Rio Shopping, Vallodolid

If you need something that Salamanca doesn’t have on offer then go to Rio Shopping in Vallodolid.  It has a Primark, Ikea along with other popular shops and restaurants.  You can drive or take a bus here in less than an hour.  Before shopping be sure to spend time in the city to visit its historic cathedrals, churches and museums.