Plaza Mayor Salamanca

We head that Salamanca the most beautiful main square in all of Spain.  At first we weren’t sure, but after plenty of day trips we are!  Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is beautiful and makes for a truly great place to sit back with a coffee, glass of wine or beer to sit back and take in the architecture and detail.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor can be found in the middle of the city, with each exit taking you somewhere else and exciting.

Facing the clock, the top right exit will take you to the main shopping street.  The side exits on the right will take you to the market. 

The exit on the left takes you towards some of the main nightlife options.  At night there are touts who can take you to the main bars (you might get a free shot if you ask)

Turn around and the back exits take you towards the cathedrals, Casa de las Conchas and the roman bridge.

Whilst there are plenty of food and drink options, service on the terraces is generally pretty slow and inattentive.  We like Cervantes for its first floor views.

Where is Plaza Mayor Salamanca? – Map