Old Cathedral of Salamanca

In Salamanca there are two cathedrals, the Old Cathedral (Catedral Vieja) and the New Cathedral of Salamanca (Catedral Nueva).  These make up a complex of cathedrals referred to as Salamanca’s Cathedrals.

You have two entry options to visit the beautiful Cathedrals.  If you have the time do both.  

The first option is to buy a ticket to go inside both cathedrals.  You’ll receive an old fashioned looking mobile phone that provides a dry audio guide.  After attempting to listen to the history of a few parts just take your time to walk around, admire the cathedral organ and displays in all of the rooms on the sides of the Old Cathedral.

The second option is to do a roof top tour which gives you a birds-eye view inside the old cathedral as well as brilliant views of the city.  You can climb right up into the old bell tower as well as along the sides of the building.

In 1992 the Old Cathedral went through some restoration work that included the addition of an astronaut.  Whilst some conspiracy theorist believed it to be a sign from the past, it was actually an approved signature from the restorers.  You can find the astronaut carved into the stone near the entrance.

salamanca cathedral
Salamanca Cathedral

Where is Old Cathedral of Salamanca? – Map

To enter the Old Cathedral the ticket office is on the side facing towards Plaza Mayor.  If you’d like to do a self guided roof-top tour then walk around the corner, towards the Roman Bridge and buy your ticket in the office in this side entrance. 

Once you have completed your visit to the cathedral complex we’d recommend going to both the Shell House and the Salamanca Tower next.  If you have already been there then walk down to the Roman Bridge.