Casa de las Conchas (the Shell house)

Casa de las Conchas or the Shell House is worth checking out as you walk around the city.  This historic building nowadays has a public library inside.

It was built in the late 15th century in a Gothic style with Renaissance and Mudejar elements.

The House of Shells has over 300 shells (so we’ve heard).  You are welcome to count and check for us.

Go inside to see the interior courtyard.  Head up stairs where you can sometimes find temporary art exhibitions around the balcony.

A visit here won’t take long.  It is quite likely you might just stumble upon it whilst walking to the Cathedrals.

Shell House

Where is the Shell House? – Map

The Casa de las Conchas is across from the Clercia Towers.

After counting the shells and visiting the courtyard inside, go up the Clercia Towers and then walk to the Salamanca Cathedrals.