Things to do in Salamanca

Salamanca makes the perfect day or weekend trip from Madrid.  It is easy to walk everywhere and there are lots of beautiful sights to take in.  It is possible to see the best within a day but take your time and enjoy a coffee, beer or glass of wine along the way.  Salamanca is well situated for day trips and travel around the region.

Our top recommendations include the following.

Best things to do in Salamanca, Spain

salamanca cathedral

Old Cathedral of Salamanca

Find the astronaut and go inside the admire the Old Cathedrals Romanesque architecture. In summer sit outside in the little park area and soak up the sun.

Salamanca Cathedral

New Cathedral of Salamanca

The New Cathedral of Salamanca, is still still relatively old with constructions starting in the 1500s. It is a slightly newer addition to the original cathedral and well worth a visit.

Casa de las Conchas

Walk by the Casa de las Conchas or the Shell House to enjoy its beautiful design. Try and count how many shells there are. Go inside to see the pretty courtyard area.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor Salamanca

Start in Plaza Mayor to get yourself orientated with the city.  Plaza Mayor in Salamanca is said to be the most beautiful main square in Spain.  We can confirm that it certainly knocks the socks off of the main square in Madrid and other neighbouring cities! 

salamanca university frog

University of Salamanca

Salamanca has one of the oldest university in Europe and you can enjoy walking around many of the beautiful, old buildings in the centre of Salamanca. Try to find the frog hidden on the wall outside.  If you can find it without help it is said to bring good luck.  If you are less superstitious then the postcard and souvenir vendor  who can normally be found outside has a photo with the location highlighted.

The Clerecia Towers

Climb up the Clerecia towers for fantastic views over the city. Admire the bells and look into the church below.

10 (more) things to do in Salamanca, Spain

Other places well worth a visit include the following:

  • Casa Lis
  • Convento de San Esteban
  • Museum of Automotive History
  • Torre del Clavero
  • Museo de Salamanca
  • Domus Artium 2002 (DA2)
  • Museo Taurino de Salamanca
  • Roman bridge of Salamanca
  • Huerto de Calixto y Melibea
  • Jesuitas Park

Come back again soon as we will start adding our reviews and opinions on these places.

Other things to do in Salamanca

Salamanca has lots on offer from shopping, the cinemas of Van Dyck and even a few escape rooms.

Shopping street


Walk down Calle Toro, an exit from Plaza Mayor, to find brand names like Pull and Bear and Zara. For a shopping centre head to El Tormes and for souvenirs there are plenty of shops near the cathedrals.

Escape Room

Escape Rooms

Salamanca has a few escape rooms with different themes. The best rated is Enigmaster which costs 60€ for a team of 6 people. Salamanca's escape rooms sell out quickly so be sure to make a reservation - especially if you want to play on a weekend or holiday.

cinemas in salamanca


Head to Van Dyck or El Tormes shopping centre where there are cinemas showing the latest releases. Most films are dubbed in Spanish, so if you want to watch it in English be sure to check the schedule first.

nightlife in salamanca


Being a big student city, Salamanca has a lot of great nightlife. After you've spent the day sightseeing, be sure to spend the evening out!

Day Trips from Salamanca

Salamanca makes a great base for day trips into the province of Salamanca and region of Castile and León.  We have been on wonderful day trips to the following places:

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