ISLA Spanish Language School

We spoke to ISLA about there school and they told us this.

ISLA is a Spanish school of more than 25 years of history located in Salamanca, one of the most important university cities in Spain. It is situated in the city centre, in a beautiful park full of trees and gardens, and the city itself is well accustomed to welcoming people from all over the world, who come to study in its classrooms and to become part of its history.

ISLA´s philosophy has always been to encourage language immersion for the learning of Spanish, as well as to create a caring and cosy atmosphere with friendly staff and excellent service. ISLA also takes special care in creating striking and unforgettable moments for their students.

ISLA's students together in Salamanca

The school team always encourages students to speak Spanish, but if one day you need to speak in English, Italian, French or German, you will get an answer instead of a blank stare.

At ISLA all the teachers are Career Spanish teachers who are proud of and passionate about their craft. They form a long-standing and consolidated team thanks to the number of years they have been working in the school with students of different levels, ages and cultures. Their commitment to teaching means that they keep themselves abreast of new teaching methodologies and new participatory dynamics so that students learn in the most effective and fun way possible.

After classes there are always plenty of activities in which everyone can relate to each other in a more relaxed way and lose any shame in speaking Spanish. These are always organised by the school which takes care to make them unique and special for students.

Students at ISLA Salamanca

Some examples of the activities are “Dieter´s Drive”, “Amanda´s Pot Luck Dinner”, “Oscar´s Interactive Seminars”, and “ISLA Talks”. And then there are those that are already classics such as the “Tapas Tour”, “Segovia Excursion”, “Night Stroll” and the “Welcome Party”. These activities contribute to ISLA´s cohesive, family-like atmosphere and give students the opportunity to practice their Spanish outside of lessons.

ISLA´s classes are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and ISLA itself is one of the first accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. This official organisation is in charge of the Spanish language and its proliferation around the world and has introduced an accreditation scheme involving an exhaustive inspection of schools seeking recognition.

At ISLA you can study many different courses. You could choose one which prepares you for various levels of Spanish exams or you could choose a more general course – of however many hours you would prefer – to learn or improve your Spanish.

There are different types of courses depending on how many lessons a day you would like. And finally, there is the academic year course, for those who really want to master the Spanish language!

Where is ISLA? – Map

ISLA is easy to find.  It’s not far from the main square and easy to get to and from.  Contact ISLA directly from their website.