Spanish Courses

Salamanca is one of the best cities in Spain for Spanish language courses.  There are many schools offering lessons and different activities.

It is easy to find an evening intercambio, language exchange, in one of the cities many bars.

Spanish Language School in Salamanca

Salamanca has numerous private Spanish language schools.  It is also possible to do a Spanish course at the University of Salamanca.  Some schools to look into are as follows.


A mix of Spanish courses, activities and trips.   Their regular Tapas Tour is the perfect way to be shown around Salamanca’s many tapas bars.

Spanish Courses Unamuno

Unamuno was founded in 1987 and runs Spanish courses for foreigners.  They can help you improve your Spanish, train to be a Spanish teacher or pass a Spanish language exam.  They also run a range of cultural activities.

Tía Tula

Another popular Spanish language school.

Intercambios and Language Exchanges

Both a good way to practice Spanish and to make new friends, attend one of the cities frequent intercambios.

Join one of the following groups:

  • Mondays – 8PM – The Irish Theater / 10PM – Super Ocho
  • Tuesdays – 10PM – La Hacienda
  • Wednesdays – 10PM – Erasmus Cafe

Alternatively going to any pub, bar or club and the use of apps like HelloTalk (language exchange app) or Tinder are other popular ways of meeting people.