Tapas Van Dyck

If you want to enjoy cheap tapas and drinks with your friends visit tapas street Van Dyck.  It is in the north of the city and places will start to get very busy from about 9 pm.  Walk along and pick a place that looks busy.  They’ll all be good and very affordable!  A lot of places have paper menus for you to fill in with what food and drink you’d like.  If they don’t it’s time to practice your Spanish…or pointing skills!

Meson El Minutejo

Best for their topped toasts, including pork kebabs, salmon and prawns and a variety of other options.  Always get one of their big portion of chips topped with aioli to share!  Simply fill out one of the paper menus on the table with what food and drinks you’d like and give it to a waiter.  If you’re not sure what something is just risk it and find out!

Meson El Minutejo

This place has two locations.  One in Van Dyck and one next to the nightclub Camelot.  This place gets busy early.  Arrive before 9 o’clock to be in with a chance to get a table. Read more about Meson El Minutejo.

El Montadito

Next door to Meson el Minutejo this place is very similar but bigger and wild west themed.  A large menu of montaditos (mini filled baguettes) with some other toast/bruschetta options.  Ordering is made simple with a menu to fill in at the table.  Just hand it in at the bar and listen for your name to be called.  Service is usually quite quick but your order might come out in seperate parts.

el montadito food

We’d recommend a portion of patatas bravas (fried potato cubes) to share with 2 or 3  montaditos or tostas each.  If you’re hungrier go for a hamburger instead.  Whilst it won’t be the best hamburger of your life, for only 3 euros it will fill you up and leave you happy. Read more about El Montadito.

Mesón Los Faroles

We weren’t a fan the first time we went but we gave it a second chance and changed our mind.  With friendly staff and low prices this place is a winner.  We loved their chicken skewer and we managed to polish off more than our fair share of their fried potatoes, served with a little too generous serving of sauce.

chicken skewer at los faroles

This place has a mix of options on a paper menu to order from and more traditional tapas options at the bar which you can also order. Read more about Mesón Los Faroles.


With similar prices to other places in Van Dyck but much bigger portion sizes and attentive service we recommend Rufo’s at the bottom of Van Dyck.  We tried their montaditos (baguettes), toasts and huevos rotos (fried eggs and potatoes, topped with bacon).

Rufo's Van Dyck Salamanca

They have two menus.  The bigger menu has options to share and the smaller menu has individual servings.

Read more about Rufo’s.

Café de Chinitas

We came here after a recommendation and enjoyed portions of their herby mushrooms and calamari.  The fried potatoes could have been served a bit hotter but we left full and content.

Café de Chinitas

Choose between all the options at the bar.  Items are available in small individual servings or larger portions to share. Read more about Café de Chinitas.

Where in Van Dyck? – Map

Van Dyck is in the north of Salamanca.  It is easy to walk to.


Other Tapas in Salamanca

There are plenty of tapas bars in and around Plaza Mayor.  Pop in one, take a look at the different tapas dishes at the bar and choose some that take your fancy.  

Meson Cervantes is always popular but it can be difficult to get served in their tapas section. 

Try your luck in one of the places between Plaza Mayor and the cathedral.

Other popular options include:

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