100 Montaditos

So you want to sit outside in Plaza Mayor, but would prefer to pay 1.50€ per pint rather than 3€.  Come to 100 Montaditos.  The food and drinks here are cheap, even if they are not the best.  Visit on Sundays and Wednesdays when during ‘EuroMania’ the menu is discounted and nearly everything is only one euro!

In summer there are tables outside but there is plenty of space inside with a basement area too.  Find a menu, ordering paper and pen.  Write down the number of the montadito (mini filled baguette) you’d like and how many you want.  Write down any side dishes or drinks separately.  Hand it in and pay at the bar, take your drinks and wait for your name to be called over the intercom system.

100 Montaditos

Sometimes the french fries come out cold, but you don’t come here for the dining experience.  This is a popular student hangout for cheap beer.  You won’t want to spend your night here, but it is good enough to start at.  In summer it is very pleasant to sit outside and people watch.

Where is 100 Montaditos? – Map

Face the clock and take the top left exit.  It’s next to the takeaway pizza shop.

For better options eat within Plaza Mayor or head to Taberna Dionisos nearby for a better experience.