Cafe Bar Heladería Los Jesuitas

This place makes a great summer retreat.  Come here to enjoy a drink in the middle of the park. 

They have ample outdoor seating so you can enjoy the sun and blue skies.  This place is close to DA2, Salamanca’s modern art gallery, so consider it as a pit stop on the way back.

They have a food menu (certain hours only) which is very cheap from only 1€ per portion.  However, whilst the Spanish omelette (tortilla) made an enjoyable snack the croquette potatoes were from the freezer and a quite unpleasant.

We also tried their ‘jeta’.  A type of crunchy pork/pigs skin.  Whilst it tasted okay, the pig could have done with a shave to remove his stuble!

tapas in the park
tapas in the park

Where is Cafe Bar Heladería Los Jesuitas? – Map

Don’t sit inside.  Come here in a hot summers day and sit outside.  They have plenty of outdoor seating.

For better tapas and somewhere closer to Plaza Mayor try La Mariseca.