Shibuya Sushi Bar  – Japanese Restaurant

If you’d like a break from Spanish food or just got a craving for sushi, then go to Shibuya on Gran Via.  This place has a range of hot dishes as well as sushi and sashimi options.

Start with a hot dish whilst they prepare your sushi.  We tried their yaki soba (fried noodles) but it was a little bit too salty for us.  Try something else to start!

Either order sushi piece by piece or a larger platter to share!  Our friend ordered their Japanese melon soft drink, not realising that there was a challenge game built into the bottle.

Shibuya Sushi Bar is a little bit more expensive than other traditional Spanish restaurant options but remains good value for sushi in a city with few other options.  Try their slightly cheaper lunch menu if you are very price conscious.

Where is Shibuya Sushi Bar? – Map