Salamanca has a wide range of restaurants from traditional Spanish meals, tapas through to other Western and Asian options.  We want you to try the best restaurants in Salamanca.  Our reviews haven’t focused on only high end restaurants but those restaurants that locals visit everyday.  Our guide won’t break the bank but will help you navigate your way around Salamanca’s many dining options.

In and Around Plaza Mayor

In the summer months enjoy a meal outside in Plaza Mayor – Spain’s most beautiful main square.  For a slightly cheaper meal head to a restaurant outside the square.

morcilla blood sausage

Taberna Dionisos

Just walk out of Plaza Mayor and a few minutes later you can be enjoying a glass of wine with some delicious toasts to snack on.

mario bar food

Mario Bar

Try a delicious blood sausage omelette baguette with a portion of chips as the perfect accompaniment to wash down a cold beer.  Mario Bar has two locations that are around the corner from each other.

Plaza Mayor

Mesón Cervantes

Go upstairs and try to get a window seat in their restaurant area. The menu contains many sharing platters of traditional Spanish fare. Alternatively enjoy some top tapas in their bar area. Be warned - it gets very busy so you might need to fight your way through to the bar.

100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos

Don't come here for quality but for its cheap beer and very close proximity to Plaza Mayor. Located a few meters away on a side street, this is the perfect place to sit outside in summer or to enjoy a cheap student-friendly meal year round.

Tapas Street Salamanca – Van Dyck/Van Dick

If you want to enjoy cheap tapas and drinks with your friends visit Van Dyck.  It is in the north of the city and places will start to get very busy from about 9 pm.  Walk along and pick a place that looks busy.  They’ll all be good and very affordable!  A lot of places have paper menus for you to fill in with what food and drink you’d like.  If they don’t it’s time to practice your Spanish…or pointing skills!

Meson El Minutejo Toasts

Meson El Minutejo

We love their smoked salmon and prawn toasts as well as their pork skewers on toast. Prices are low, quality high for a very popular and fashionable tapas bar.

el montadito food

El Montadito

If El Minutejo is busy then come here. It is similar but wild west themed instead. Enjoy their mini filled baguettes here - there is a lot of choice.

chicken skewer at los faroles

Mesón Los Faroles

Try their chicken skewer or point to any of the tapas options at the bar. The waiters are friendly. Portions are cheap and large.

Cafes in Salamanca

It’s easy to find a cafe in Salamanca – they’re everywhere.  The quality of most is fairly similar with a coffee generally only costing one or two euros.  Here are some cafes that we’ve been to.

La Mariseca

Come for a coffee in the day and a few beers later on. Enjoy with a slice of tortilla or whatever you like the look of.

Cafe Bar Heladería Los Jesuitas

Don't come for the food, but enjoy a coffee in the middle of the park on a summers day.


Café Bar El Trastero

A nice little option that has terrace seating with views down to the cathedral. Inside admire their collection of international number plates.

Asian Restaurants

Salamanca has a large range of Chinese and Japanese restaurants.  Be sure to check out the ones we have reviewed – others can be more miss than hit!

Mey Wei Yuan – Chinese Restaurant

Come here for the best Chinese food in Salamanca.  The menu is in both Spanish and Chinese with a separate photo menu to help you choose.  Everything is good here.  If you like something spicy choose the Kung Pao Chicken or if seafood is more your thing, try a platter of very garlicky langoustines.  Enjoy a side dish of slightly fried dumplings and pineapple fried rice.

Dishes tend to come out individually rather than all at once, so order a range of dishes with friends to share!  The owner and waitress is very friendly.  Read more about Mey Wei Yuan.

mr ramen korean food

Mr Ramen – Japanese and Korean Restaurant

We didn’t come here to try their Japanese food, but for a Korean kick.  Having lived in Korea for three and a half years we missed the flavours of Korea.

The main Korean option here is their bibimbap.  A dish of rice, meat and vegetables topped with a fried egg and Korean chilli sauce.  It comes in a hot dish for you to mix well and eat.

By Korean standards it isn’t the best bibimbap but as the only option in Salamanca it makes a change from the typical tapas you can find in Van Dyck.  It is an fair interpretation of one of Korea’s iconic dishes.  Read more about Mr Ramen.

Shibuya Sushi Bar  – Japanese Restaurant

With a modern interior, Shibuya offers a large range of sushi, sashimi and hot dishes.  The salmon sushi made up for a salty yaki soba (fried noodles).  Try the melon soft drink, for a challenge game built into the bottle. Read more about Shibuya Sushi Bar.

Other Chinese Restaurants

There are plenty of other Chinese restaurants dotted around Salamanca.  La Gran Muralla is very cheap and does good Peking Duck but the other dishes aren’t that special.  Restaurante chino & tailandes on Avenida de Portugal offered a slightly disappointing but cheap menu of dishes.


American Food

Salamanca has a range of American style restaurants and other pubs and restaurants serving American style food.

La Pepita Burger Bar

A fantastic burger bar found across from the market next to Plaza Mayor.  Come here hungry and leave planning your next visit to try one more of their many delicious burgers.  Read more about La Pepita Burger Bar.

Fast Food

Salamanca has many American fast food options including McDonalds, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Papa Johns.  If you’re only visiting for a quick holiday avoid them and head to one of Salamancas many other better restaurants.  If you are living here a little longer and craving pizza visit Domino’s Pizza and enjoy their unlimited pizza option for 2 or more people.

For other types of fast food Salamanca has numerous late night kebab shops of similar quality and price.