Pozo de los Humos

Come to Pozo de los Humos to enjoy a short hike to see this impressive waterfall.  By car or rental car it takes about an hour and a half to Pozo de los Humos, which is near to the Portuguese border.

Walk down the path to the waterfall where you can brave the walkway out to take beautiful photos.  Enjoy a picnic by the top of the waterfall.

pozo de los humos

How to get to Pozo de los Humos

You can drive and park in Masueco and walk the round trip to and from the waterfall from here.  Alternatively, continue to drive down the countrylane and you can get closer to the waterfall.  Park along the side of the road, like everyone else.

pozo de los humos

We chose the second option, not knowing where to go and then did a round trip walk from the car, to the waterfall back via the town where as stopped for a break.  We enjoyed a coffee at the busy Bar El Cortijo.  Then we continued our walk back to where we had parked.

Where is Pozo de los Humos?

Whilst it is easier to get here by car there are plenty of day trips from Salamanca where you can go by bus.  Try Leon, Avila or Valladolid.