Day Trips from Salamanca

If you are living to travelling to Salamanca you can use Salamanca as your base for these fantastic day trips.  It is easy to visit nearby cities on the affordable and comfortable coach services.  If you have a car or can rent a car then you can get off the beaten track even more and go a bit further afield.

Easy by bus

Whether you have a car or not, these make great options for day trips from Salamanca.  These places are all well connected by local bus services.


Enjoy walking around Salamanca's rival city. With a beautiful collection of churches and cathedrals to visit.


Enjoy the numerous, beautiful hiking trails that start from Béjar

Zamora Statues


Take a morning bus and enjoy your day here. Look around the many old churches, the old town and castle.

Other Places

Close to Salamanca it is also easy to go to Ávila. It’s half way between Madrid and Salamanca and is a beautiful walled city. Stop off here on the way to Salamanca.

Another popular destination is Segovia. Here you can enjoy looking at the impressive Roman aqueduct.

Best by car

These places are best to go to by car as local buses are either few and far between or none at all.  If you don’t have a car, there are rental car options in Salamanca.  Alternatively, try the popular ride sharing app BlaBla Car.

pozo de los humos

Pozo de los Humos

Come and enjoy this impressive waterfall, close the to the border with Portugal. Enjoy a short hike and the beautiful rainbows that the waterfall creates.



Spend a day exploring the old town. Enjoy lunch around Plaza Mayor and take a trip up to the cathedral's bell tower for great views.

Sierra de Francia

Start by visiting the quaint old town of La Alberca before heading into the mountains for peaceful walks in the nature.

ciudad rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo

Will you watch or partake in Ciudad Rodrigo's famous bull run?

los pilones

Los Pilones

Hike to the beautiful natural pool type rapids.



An easy day trip with lots to walk around and see. See León's cathedral, Plaza Mayor or go and watch a football match

Further Away & Weekend Trips

If you have more time or are only stopping in Salamanca for a short period of time then you can travel a bit further.  Here are some popular destinations that are further away.


No introduction needed! This is likely to be on your itinerary at some point. With plenty of buses coming to Salamanca it is easy to travel either way.

Toledo Food


A good day trip from Madrid, Toledo can make a nice weekend getaway from Salamanca. Enjoy it's beautiful historic buildings.

Other Places

Here are some other places that also make great weekend trips from Salamanca.  We’ll try to add more about them soon!

  • Burgos
  • Bilbao
  • Porto
  • Lisbon

It is easy to go on day trips to cities like Vallodolid, Zamora, Béjar, Cáceres and Ávila.  We’ve been to all of these cities and enjoyed walking around the main sights, visiting the local museums and indulging in the odd glass of wine and tapas on the way round.

Check out our transport section to find out how to get to these cities.

If you have your own transport it is possible to visit the national parks (e.g. Sierra de Francia) and other places that public transport does not serve very well.