Hotels in Salamanca

Salamanca has a wide range of hostel and hotel options, from cheap to expensive.  You are best to look on websites like to find the perfect hotel for you.

Salamanca has a range of five star luxury, boutique and spa hotels, hotels with parking and even ones which are pet friendly.

Alternatively find a hotel the location best for you with the map below.

Shared Apartments for Rent/Rooms for Rent

If you are moving to Salamanca to live, then you can find an apartment to rent with other people on the Facebook group – “Habitaciones salamanca en piso compartido”.

Whilst the group is in Spanish, you can use Google Translate to translate any information you don’t understand.  If you post your requirements and details on the group people will message you with photos and details of their rooms to rent.

Most Spanish language schools offer home stay or accommodation in shared apartments.  It may be cheaper to rent a room yourself than through your language school.  However, most landlords will require a 6 month to 1 year contract.

Accommodation prices for a room in a shared apartment start from around 175€ excluding bills.  Including bills this will be around 230~250€.  Prices will increase for more modern apartments, those in better locations or for shorter contracts.